Have Your Birthday Party With Us!

The party will last at total of 1 hour and 45 minutes. One hour of gym time with gymnastics instructor/s followed by 45 minutes for a party.

At the party, children will have structured play time, such as jumping, swinging, climbing, and tumbling as well as some apparatus use in our gymnastic facility for an hour of fun activities. The activities will vary depending on the ages of children, but we guarantee them all lots of safe fun!!!

Your children will be escorted to a party room. We will supply participating children tables and chairs. You will be responsible for any party decorations or food that you would like to have in the party room. Additional Details are as follows:


Ages: Boys & Girls, 4-15 years of age

Cost: $200 for 15 children or less

$5 for each additional child after 15.

Time: Saturdays at 12:30pm - an additional party may be available at 2:00pm


Deposit: We require a $60 non-refundable deposit. The remaining balance must be made in cash.

Refund/Cancellation Policy: We can issue refunds only if we are able to fill your vacated party slot. If you cancel your party, you will lose your deposit.

Invitations: Northwest Turners Gymnastics provides invitations for you to use alone or along with your own invitations. However, due to insurance purposes, our birthday invitations include a waiver on them. All party guests participating in the party must bring this waiver signed by a parent to the party. Thank you for understanding.

What we supply: 1 hour and 45 minutes of Birthday Fun!!--One hour of instructed gymnastics time and 45 minutes in our birthday party room. Tables, chairs, refrigerator, and freezer are supplied for your convenience.

What you supply: Cake, ice cream, pizza, pop, etc. You may also bring cups, plates, candles, forks, knives etc.

What Not to Bring: PLEASE: Absolutely - NO Piñatas, Popcorn, Table Glitter Stars, or Confetti.


Cleaning: We request help in disposing of your paper goods and other on-the-table messes. We will do the floor and chair cleaning along with final table cleaning. Experience suggests that it is best to clean as you go along so that you do not feel rushed at the end.

Arrival Time: Please arrive promptly 10 minutes before your party is to begin. All children & parents will arrive at the west gymnasium entrance doors and be seated while waiting for their party to begin in the viewing/waiting room.


When the party progresses to the party room, parents are welcome to join them by exiting the west gym entrance doors and re-enter thru the east party entrance doors for the outside. No exceptions! Parents and small children are not allowed to walk thru the inside of this facility. Please inform your attending parents. (Please note that no additional chairs will be provided for these waiting parents in the party room.)

For 12:15 pm parties, the Birthday Party Room will be available at 12:15 pm for decorating and delivery of food. All party supplies will be unloaded through the east party entrance doors. In addition, this room must be completely vacated by 2:00pm. Parties late to vacate will be charged an additional $50.00.

For 2:00pm parties, the Birthday Party Room can be decorated no earlier than 2:30pm. All party supplies will be unloaded through the east party entrance doors. Note: there will be a party in the room when you arrive. In addition, this room must be completely vacated by 3:45pm. Parties late to vacate will be charged an additional $50.00.

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